Henry on Violin – Fantastic String Quartet Version

헨리 (Henry) on Violin – Fantastic (String Quartet …: http://youtu.be/m7pcHPi7Dzc

This is just so beautiful! I am in love with hus violin playing even more and those playing with him are so amazing! See you dont need to sing or do fancy moves to capture the fans hearts!

백퍼센트(100%) U Beauty Dance Practice Cuteness

백퍼센트(100%) 니가 예쁘다(U beauty) 안무영상 (아이컨택 버전): http://youtu.be/ibl2BWLUcxc

100% always do a good job. They have had a difficult job lately with two oc their mire active members being absent. One is in the army and tge other one is gone fir personal time. Byt they are back with a cute new song and this practice video shows that tge other members still lots of charm to show us. I cant wait for them to get out there and show us. Tge ending was so adorable.

Don’t Say “Good Bye Bye” NU’EST!

The men of NU’EST are back with “Good Bye Bye.” I have to say that I hope they do not say goodbye any time soon. They always kill it with their amazing dancing skills and this time they showed off their array of vocal skills as well. Their voices seemed to have matured a bit since the last time I heard one of their songs and I am so happy. This video was so amazing! The concept was awesome! I love how they seemed to be agonizing over the girl they lost and then in the end they realize they dont need to worry about her and get over her and have a party. The style of the video is a more mature look and that is something I think everyone was hoping to see. And can I say Ren looks good with shorter hair.

Henry is “Fantastic” with New Music Video

So can I just say how much I love this music video! I watched it for the first time at work and could only listen to the vocals really. Then when I got home I watched the dancing better. The boy, no the man, glides across the floor and dances while playing the violin. How talented is that!! He has a fantastic voice. We have always known that. He can play the piano and violin. We have seen that on the numerous variety shows he has gone on. But to see him dance while playing the violin was just mind blowing to me. I cant wait to catch up on my live shows and see his come back performances.

The Beautiful Kim Hyun Joong is Back with “Beauty Beauty”


I loved this video. His videos normally are so powerful and this one was so much more whimsical and playful. I loved how it sort of seemed goofy. You get to see a different side of him. The song is catchy. I was singing “beauty beauty” the whole time even though I dont know what the rest of the song was saying. I like how it seemed like a video game at times. I am a gamer so that always will win me over. The end of the video where they show the making of the video a bit was a nice touch. most videos make a separate video and he also has another video about the making of video, but it was nice that it was also at the end of the MV as well. All in all I think it was a good come back song.

Kim Woo Bin has been very busy



I have been wondering where he went after Heirs. This article from Dramafever gives lots of details on what he has been up to. He has been shooting two movies, been doing several CFs, and photoshoots. He has been a busy man. I was sad to hear about his breakup though.


Falling “Like a Fool” for U-KISS Soohyun’s Solo Song

유키스 수현 (U-KISS Soohyun) – 바보(Like a fool): http://youtu.be/oFRbd255Tl0

He got me right from the start with his adorable smile saying hello. seeing him smiling so much I just couldn’t stop the whole time I was watching the video. Then he starts singing and i remember why he has always been my bias in U-Kiss. His voice was so smooth. He hit all the right notes and those high notes were so amazing. He has been so active on Twitter and I was wondering what he was up to and this was it. Such an amazing song! The melody was great and I just want to keep listening to him sing all night!

Red Light for F(x) on Comeback

에프엑스_Red Light_Music Video: http://youtu.be/iv-8-EgPEY0

I am a fan of f(x). I have liked their other songs. Rum pum pum pum was one of my favorites but this song I am not a fan of. I was expecting some stronger dancing and better vocals. Now their singing was good when it wasn’t auto-tuned. I even watched the performance on live show and they didn’t seem to be fully committed to the dance moves. It was disappointing to see as a fan.