Drama Ver of Mamacita by Super Junior like a Mini Show

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_MAMACITA(아야야)_Music Video (Dra…: http://youtu.be/TYiIpocQxL8

It has a couple twists that I didn’t see and it really did keep me watching the whole time. I reallu enjoyed it.

The 7 Last Romeos of Infinite’s Amazing Dance Practice

INFINITE “Last Romeo” Dance Practice: http://youtu.be/Keux-aGfoM4

So I love this choreography. It seems like one of the more difficult bits that they hav, because the whole time they are together. It is difficult to have all seven members doing the same move at the same time, but still making it his own. As always they are sharp and on point with the choreography.

Ayaya Super Junior with Mamacita Comeback


Ok so I was so hoping the teaser theme would make sense once the video came out. It does not. The video is set in wild west. What! There are thieves and they are trying to stop them? Confuaed…. The dancing is decent there are times when they should be together but aren’t but you can only tell if you are looking for it. It bugged me when i noticed it o  the live show. Also, the lip synching on the live show bugged me. But that is a whole different matter. All in all its not terrible but it is not great in my opinion.

Taemin in Danger with Solo Debut


So this is just my opinion from watching his MV and performances on shows. I honestly fo not like the video or the dancing. I have seen him dance sharper when with Shinee and honestly since he is such a great dancer I was expecting more. I love him as a singer, but the video was just weird. The times when he would dance with Kai for Pretty Boy he was out danced. I just do not think it was good. There were several Shinee mpves in there as well. This is all just my opinion also.

Who wants to be My Copycat of Orange Caramel?

So the quirky girls of Orange Caramel are back with their unique dancing and unique cute videos. I was smiling through the whole video. But I was also trying to figure out all the differences in each of the scenes cause there was something at the beginning of the video that said something about spotting the differences and that’s all i could see for a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to see the references to “Where’s Waldo” and all the other kids books.

Mamma Mia Kara is Back

So I really like Kara. They are a secy girl group but in this video they are not overly sexy to me at least not like some of the recent girl groups that have comeback recently. I really loved the dancing in this video. It was a bit sexy, but not overly like sexy. I am so excited to see what they come out with next.

Danger while Watching BTS new Music Video

Loving the new comeback BTS or 방탄소년단. Be wary to never upset them if you ever in a relationship with one of them. KIDDING! lol. I do love them though for sticking to their concepts though. It may not be a love song but there was still in line with all their other songs but on the other end of the spectrum. The choreography in this video is amazing! The opening choreo bit of this video is awesome! The shoulder roll choreo that they do during the chorus is amazing. They always have such stunning footwork. I was actually scared that they would fall off the  subway platform at some bits.

Park Bom joins 2NE1 for G Family Tour


So excited to see in the KPop news today that Park Bom will be joining fellow members on the YG Family tour! After everything that has been going on, I think fans were a bit worried about what she would do, but she is going to continue to do the tour! I hope that she knows that the fans still support her through all of this craziness and we still believe in her and are waiting for the day when she can come back shine brighter than anyone! Honestly I love Roommates but its really not the same without her. But I am still watching cause as I have said on my blog it would be unfair to stop watching just cause she left and that’s not what she would have wanted at all.

Super Junior to Have a Comeback Soon


So Super Junior stated in the SMTown Live Concert that they have finished the music video and the studio work as well. Which means for all the ELFs out there that a comeback is right around the corner for the one of the most veteran groups right now in the KPop world. I am looking forward to what they will do now that the leader is back from active service. It will defintely be interesting to see what they can do and if they can stand their own against all of these new groups that are out there. Do they still have it?