Jung Dong Ha Wonders “If I” in First Solo Album

I have always loved his voice! He is on Immortal Songs 2 a lot and I love to hear him sing. He recently came to my area but I was sick and could not go to see his performance and was so sad. T_T But I am in love with his first solo album. I am glad that he is getting more people to love his voice just as much as I do. He truly is an amazing singer and deserves to be supported by people who only want to see him continue to grow. I also hope his acting is going well in the theater.

Boyfriend Suffers from a White Out

Boyfriend comes back after their powerful song with a slower breakup song. I have been saying for awhile now that they are no longer the boys of Boyfriend anymore. They are the men of Boyfriend. This mature song and video that is so composed and not crazy or cute but very throughout to convey the feelings of a breakup. Though that rooftop, I have seen so many times it seems.  Their voices sound so much more mature on this slower track and I love how smooth they sound together.

Super Junior Shines with Evanesce

Super Junior used the same set as the This is Love video which is why I won’t post about it. I love when artists do that and continue a theme they were doing. There is not much dancing in this video except for the duet dance Eunhyunk does with the girl. They perform so spectacularly. The transitions between members is amazingly smoother than I thought it would be.

Days Like Today Glad 2AM Cameback

2AM made a successful comeback with thier song Days Like Today. They also have another song but I just love this video out of the two. The old man lips the song throughout the video remembering his first love. The boys make guest apperances of course. And thier beautiful voices convey his feelings perfectly. I love how they mirror the new and old so well in this video. Its such a cool concept. I just smiled the whole time.

Younha Wasted Love in Comeback Video

Her sorrowful song is truly powerful and hits all the right notes that make you sad while listening and watching it. Her voice is something else that you don’t hear too often in the Kpop world. It is a deeper voice for a female artist and it is so clean. She knows how to convey her feelings to the listeners so easily it seems.

Jay Park is So Good in this AOMG Video

So I just had to post about this video once I found it. It popped up while I was posting my other one and I had totally fogot my friend told me to watch it. His voice is so amazingly smooth. How can it be that smooth? It doesn’t make sense. The video is so good and seems to have a bit of Micheal Jackson inspiration. His dancing is flawless as ever. I mean really what can I say about his dancing that people dont already know. He is clean and in sync with every move that he needs to be.

Rewind Time with Zhoumi and Tao and Chanyeol

I was so happy to hear that Zhoumi was the next solo artist from SM. He totally deserves it. I loved his debut song. I loved how he wanted to rewind time when he made the mistakes with his girlfriend and rewind to when she was still with him. His dancing is so smooth and clean. I caught my self just staring at my screen. Though I did notice the twisting fingers is similar to the GOT7 movement but most dances in Kpop is based off other dances so its not anything to freak out about like some people would. Tao and Chanyeol were amazing rappers in their respected videos.

Stop Stop It GOT7 with New Comewback

Haha. Does that sound like I don’t like it? Well I do like it. Except the opening it is a bit odd, until you watch the whole thing. Def screamed at him falling off the top of the roof. Aren’t they all adorable with their new hairstyles. This video is definitely more of a JYP style of video like fans were wanting with A, but it still has the quirky odd factor that is GOT7. Of course I always find my bias first and focus on that. I am a bit weirded out by that wierd hug dance move. That is a bit strange. I like the futuristic take on a video. That has not been done like this in a while. It is kind of cute it sort of ties in JJ Project a bit if you think about it.

5URPRISE says From My Heart with Comeback

5URPRISE is back!!! Ok so I hope you know who they are by now. Seo KangJoon from Roommates and Lee TaeHwan from Pride and Prejudice are both from this actor/singer group. They had their own mini-series called After School: Lucky or Not. The video has the adorable girl from High School Love On. Their sweet voices are what you focus on because there is no choreography in the video. They are adorkable magicians. It seems like one of those songs that you could listen to several times and always have a smile on your face.

Sing NaNa with Jay Park and AOMG

So this video came out a few months ago, and I just never did post this article. Since he and the rest of the AOMG crew are coming to DC on Thursday I thought I would post about this video. I love video. I love video that have a great beat and great vocals. It is a simple song and video. The lyrics say it and the video is conveying it. Do you like to party? They do and they seem to have so much fun! Haha. Who would not want to go to one of those parties. Excited to see them all perform live on Thursday!