Who wants to be My Copycat of Orange Caramel?

So the quirky girls of Orange Caramel are back with their unique dancing and unique cute videos. I was smiling through the whole video. But I was also trying to figure out all the differences in each of the scenes cause there was something at the beginning of the video that said something about spotting the differences and that’s all i could see for a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to see the references to “Where’s Waldo” and all the other kids books.

Mamma Mia Kara is Back

So I really like Kara. They are a secy girl group but in this video they are not overly sexy to me at least not like some of the recent girl groups that have comeback recently. I really loved the dancing in this video. It was a bit sexy, but not overly like sexy. I am so excited to see what they come out with next.

Danger while Watching BTS new Music Video

Loving the new comeback BTS or 방탄소년단. Be wary to never upset them if you ever in a relationship with one of them. KIDDING! lol. I do love them though for sticking to their concepts though. It may not be a love song but there was still in line with all their other songs but on the other end of the spectrum. The choreography in this video is amazing! The opening choreo bit of this video is awesome! The shoulder roll choreo that they do during the chorus is amazing. They always have such stunning footwork. I was actually scared that they would fall off the  subway platform at some bits.

Park Bom joins 2NE1 for G Family Tour


So excited to see in the KPop news today that Park Bom will be joining fellow members on the YG Family tour! After everything that has been going on, I think fans were a bit worried about what she would do, but she is going to continue to do the tour! I hope that she knows that the fans still support her through all of this craziness and we still believe in her and are waiting for the day when she can come back shine brighter than anyone! Honestly I love Roommates but its really not the same without her. But I am still watching cause as I have said on my blog it would be unfair to stop watching just cause she left and that’s not what she would have wanted at all.

Super Junior to Have a Comeback Soon


So Super Junior stated in the SMTown Live Concert that they have finished the music video and the studio work as well. Which means for all the ELFs out there that a comeback is right around the corner for the one of the most veteran groups right now in the KPop world. I am looking forward to what they will do now that the leader is back from active service. It will defintely be interesting to see what they can do and if they can stand their own against all of these new groups that are out there. Do they still have it?

Watch the Cute men of U-KISS sing One Love during MONO SCANDAL mak8ng

U-KISS(유키스) – 하나(One Love) Mini Album ‘MONO SCAN…: http://youtu.be/lc_JA8dUSy0

The men of U-KISS are so cute and adorable in the mv making video. I loved the song as well. The vocals sound so sweet and lovely. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

Been gone for awhile…

So i have been gone for a bit and I am sorry. Life is taking over a bit. I have been trying to catch up on all of my dramas and the mvs I have missed. I also want to say i hope that everyone that is or went to KCON is having or had a blast dependin on when you read this.

Sexy SISTAR is back with Touch My Body

So talk of girl groups being sexy, SISTAR is always sexy so I won’t dwell on this being way too sexy for too long. The dance was interesting. I normally like the girl group dances. They make great workouts when you are trying to learn them, but this one not so much. The video was going along and then there was a random party and random guests. I know one of the guys he is from Inifinity Challenge I believe but him and the other 2 were just odd and I kept thinking why are they here. What is going on? I started to lose focus on the song.

Rookie Mistake Kemy from A.Kor!


So one of the members from the new rookie group A.Kor decided to release a song on Sound Cloud dissing Park Boom and YG over her latest scandal. And it seemed like things had just gotten quiet finally. The lyrics are pretty harsh towards Park Bom and YG about covering up the scandal and how she got away with the whole thing. She even disses on the fans a bit. Which has gotten the fans a little heated. As a rookie that just recently debuted, this is not a wise move to make. I know you want to voice your opinion about what happened and all but attacking a well respected singer over something like this and dissing on her company and her fans is a very major thing to do as a rookie whose feet are not even wet yet. I like Park Bom, but I am not gonna attack the group as a whole or call the girl means and hateful names because as a fan that is disrespectful to Park Bom unnie. As fans we should take the high road and just show her we are still on her side in a kinder way than what Kemy did. Below is the link to the article on Koreaboo where I got my information from:

Rookie group A.Kor’s Kemy Releases Diss Track Aimed at 2NE1’s Park Bom