Off to the Military Soon for MBLAQ – Rumored



It was rumored that MBLAQ would disband earlier this year, but repots came out yesterday that the guys of MBLAQ would soon be enlisting in the military. While I am  to saddened by this, I am also happy. I come from a very military centered town and seeing that the idols do not always try to get out of the service they have to do and some even go into the service and take it very seriously is awesome. I think it shows true character to stop promoting your music and acting careers to join the military and fight for your country if you have to. Though they will most likely not have to. Sorry slight little soapbox. They were the group to get me into KPop so of course it will be sad not to hear new songs from them but they have lots of songs out already that I can listen to while they are away. MBLAQ Fighting!


So Another EXO Member is Leaving – Saying Bye to Luhan


So it was rumored before that Luhan may be leaving EXO and then it was confirmed by the Chinese media first then Korean media. So this is the SECOND EXO member to leave and using the same lawyer as Kris. I hope that he is leaving for the right reasons, such as he is exhausted and that he thinks treatment from the company is unfair. I hope that what SM thinks about there being someone behind the scenes pulling the strings to be incorrect. Then wouldn’t this turn out like all of the dramas we watch? I hope all EXO:L will support the group still and Luhan for his decision. It is his choice and if this is what he thinks is right for him then let him make this decision. I wish him all the happiness in his future endeavors as with the rest of the members of EXO.

Go “Around the World” with GOT7

Hahaha! Ok so I loved this! They are so cute. The around the world choreography with the jumping, into the fingers circling and into the Dragon Ball Z type move was just fun and had me dancing along almost instantly in my seat. It was easy to sing along to, even with my minimal knowledge of Japanese. The martial arts skills in this is awesome. Mark gets some MAJOR air with his kick flip! It was awesome! It think their Japan debut will be a great success for them. Fans wanted a more JYP style and this is defintely a more JYP style but it definitely still has their touch. The ending move of the 7 with the hands was so cool!

In BTOB’s Eyes “You’re So Fly”

So the new BTOB comeback had me laughing. The are so quirky in this video. At first they all want to go after the super attractive woman and diss on the unattractive woman. Then after some things most of them change. All except Sungjae. So with the theme of the video I was a bit annoyed at it to be honest, but its true guys normally seem to go after women based on their looks more often then not from my experience in life. But hey this is just a music video that is cute and fun. The choreography was good. The small intricate moves in the straight line was good and the twisting of the feet part during the chorus when they were in two lines can be tricky and its good to see they are all together on it and all going the right way. Sorry these are my own opinions on this video. I still like the group and the song is catchy, but it is not one of my favorites from them.

“I”m…” Loving Bernard Park

The new debut artist of JYP is Bernard Park. His soulful voice is so powerful in his debut song “I’m…”. It is about not being able to accept breaking up with the one he loved. Though throughout the MV I kinda was worried he was going to fall over on the moving bus. It is such a sad/sweet music video. He captured my attention through all the Kakao messages that JYP sent out teasing about his debut with the cartoon bears and they really got my attention when I realized he was from my home state and not far from where I grew up Atlanta, GA. So rooting for him all the more. Excited to see the continuation of this video on 10/13/2014!

Ailee says “Don’t Touch Me” with Great New Comeback


Love the comeback song! It has her powerhouse vocals that made me love her to begin with! I love the new style she has going on and I want her hair! The dancing is subtle and is not over the top sexy and it doesn’t take over the song. Her voice and singing is definitely the star of this video. A ton of people are on the video talking about her weight loss and honestly I think she looks great now and she looked great before. It was her decision to lose weight and people should respect that in stead of putting her down for it. She is not underweight in the least bit and it did not affect her performance at all in my opinions. So let’s just support her and hope she keeps up her winning streak! Ailee Fighting!

Going Crazy Over 2PM

This video has me rolling every time I see a new version of it and especially this dance practice version. I am in stitches every time!!!! These men are having so much fun with this song. I think this is what all the groups need sometimes is just a song that they can just let loose and have fun with. Yes we love the super choreographed song and powerful lyrics but honestly this song is just so fun and crazy that it is by a large margin one of my favorite songs! Every time my iPod comes on it is played. I also have to say the OK Cat version had me rolling!!!!

New J.Tune Group MADTOWN has me saying “Yolo”

So this is the next boy group J.Tune has produced since MBLAQ. I have to say I am liking the new group! the song is fun and catchy. I was swaying along almost instantly and copying the choreography a bit during the chorus. The lyrics are good. It kind of reminds me of BTS song “N.O.” just a bit in the style of hey we are gonna do what we feel and you can’t stop us. I like that in the boy groups. The dancing was not as strong as MBLAQ, but hey its a brand new group and they can only get better. I hope to see more great things from this group!!

Angels & Hottests Stop the Fanwar!


So I found out that Jun. K released a tweet and it has upset the TeenTop Angels. I read the tweet. I don’t think the tweet was meant in reaponse to the negative comments some TeenTop fans had been sending to him. I think fans are over reacting. Taecyeon was so mature in his attempt to stop the feud. That was great of Hottests to stick up for our leader but it was not cool to start a fanwar with another fan group. Fans should respect each other and just focus on supporting the groups with their songs. I am proud to be a Hottest, but this makes me angry. I also love TeenTop even though I am not an official Angel, though one of my best friends is one.

Jessica to Possibly Leave SNSD


So news broke today that Jessica may be leaving GG. She posted on her Weibo that it seemed like a complete shock. I want it to not be true. She is an amazing singer and has a huge fanbase. SM stocks has already taken a hit due to the news. I hope that fans do not start hating on GG because of this news until everything is figured out. Even if it’s true and she does leave don’t be stupid and stop bein fans cause one member leaves. The group is still great. This just stinks cause it was reported that all thier contracts were renewed earlier.