Wishing YongHwa “One Fine Day”

This sad song seems to fit YongHwa’s voice perfectly. It is a sad song though. He is missing a sweet love. Even after both of them find someone else it seems they still miss each other. His mellow voice makes me want to cry even though I don’t understand the lyrics all the time, I can understand the feelings he is expressing through the song.

“Hallelujah” for JongHyun’s Dance Practice Video

I am so happy to see one of his solo dance practices. He is still an amazing dancer. The movement is clean and precise, like we have come to expect thanks to SHINee. He is the one that always seemed to notice when other members were off, so it is great to see his dancing skills highlighted on his own. Though the girls dancing were a bit odd…

Want Eddy Kim to sing “My Love” to you?

Eddy Kim’s soothing voice is amazing in this song. His sweet voice is perfect for the lyrics of this song. I loved the lyrics how he seemed to be changing his habits as he feel so deep in love with the girl. Anytime he plays the piano it just makes you melt.

Ask Big Byung what Ojingeo Doenjang means…

So the crazy boys of Big Byung are back with another ridiculously awesome song. The boys talk about being called a squid and calling girls gold-diggers, which I am still unsure what that means. The dancing is hilarious and weird which makes it perfect. The background is changing different scenes. I didn’t realize till near the end that¬†Hyungdon & Daejoon were dancing away in different parts of the video.

Is JongHyun going “Crazy” or is it “Guilty Pleasure”?

I am loving JongHyun’s solo debut. He has had enormous success since his solo debut. His voice goes high and low through out this song and IRON’s rap is amazing in this song. I love how he expresses going crazy in his music video and I hope that he continues to have success with his solo debut.

Fallin in Love “WITHU” GRIZZLY

So this is a first for me. I ahve never heard of him before. his voice is amazing! His voice is so smooth and this song has me riding the beat instantly. It doesn’t hurt that he is an attractive gentleman and he can dance and sing well. He doesn’t dance much but he does small movements that are perfect for his song and make you want to dance around more.

Go Some “Mileage” with Jung Yong Hwa and YDG

So this was totally different than what I was expecting. He has a certain image as the leader of CNBLUE, and this video is so quirky and cute different from the latest videos. But I love this smooth song and his soft voice fits this song perfectly. YDG added a nice touch with his smooth rap to this song. I seriously though cannot get over the weird quirky video.

Jung Dong Ha Wonders “If I” in First Solo Album

I have always loved his voice! He is on Immortal Songs 2 a lot and I love to hear him sing. He recently came to my area but I was sick and could not go to see his performance and was so sad. T_T But I am in love with his first solo album. I am glad that he is getting more people to love his voice just as much as I do. He truly is an amazing singer and deserves to be supported by people who only want to see him continue to grow. I also hope his acting is going well in the theater.

Boyfriend Suffers from a White Out

Boyfriend comes back after their powerful song with a slower breakup song. I have been saying for awhile now that they are no longer the boys of Boyfriend anymore. They are the men of Boyfriend. This mature song and video that is so composed and not crazy or cute but very throughout to convey the feelings of a breakup. Though that rooftop, I have seen so many times it seems.  Their voices sound so much more mature on this slower track and I love how smooth they sound together.

Super Junior Shines with Evanesce

Super Junior used the same set as the This is Love video which is why I won’t post about it. I love when artists do that and continue a theme they were doing. There is not much dancing in this video except for the duet dance Eunhyunk does with the girl. They perform so spectacularly. The transitions between members is amazingly smoother than I thought it would be.