“Bounce” Along with BOYFRIEND

So I am loving that BOYFRIEND is sticking to their fairy-tail themed videos. This one is a twisted Alice in Wonderland. Why does one look like a vampire at one time? The twins have cut their hair, and the abs. But now that I am past all of that I will talk about the video. I loved the video background and song. It has a catchy beat and made me bounce along to it. The dancing was powerful for this group. I still see them as young boys sometimes but there are definitely times when I am reminded that they have grown up.

FIESTAR says “You’re Pitiful”

The last time I saw this group was when they were geeky and not this sexy. I understand the sexy concept is a way to get more popular, but I dont understand why everyone has to be super sexy. I liked the dancing with the partners and the lyrics, because of what is going on in my life the lyrics fit right along. I really dont have much to say, but I give them props for the dancing on chairs.

“New World” Belongs to MADTOWN

So I have been falling in love with this group more and more since “YOLO.” I have Seen Jota on Dream Team 2 twice now and he was amazing when he set the record with the high jump event. This song is so good. Their dance is very powerful sometimes and then it falls into some goofy moves that make you remember that they are still young. The message of the song actually is really good. They are showing such potential for a rookie group.

4Minute are “Crazy” Good

So 4Minute have come back together and out with a new song and they are crazy good together!! I have to say I was a little hesitant to watch the video in public because of some of their older songs but this one was sexy but not overly sexy.They are powerfully sexy in this video. Each dance move is so powerful. I am looking up the lyrics to know why and what is crazy cause my Korean is still not that good, but once I figure it out I think I will like the song even more. Nothing but praises from me.

Not Your Typical Preachers Daughter

Love and Theft – Angel Eyes: http://youtu.be/GKOR8TddfcM

I absolutely love this song. I know it is not KPop, but I just heard it again and had to share it. It fits me perfectly and I could listen to it anytime. Love and Theft are awesome. I am not sure what they are up to currently but I am defintely going to check it out.

Tweet was Intentional to cause problems but not between EXOLs and Sones

I just saw the many articles and tweets in reference to the #EXOLswantTayeoenDead hashtag. Which if you go back qnd read her tweets, the owner of the original hashtag was intentionally trying to get hated and blocked by her entire group and by people. She wanted attention even if it was in a negative way. I still can not believe she said the things she said because it is so disrepesctful to those that have passed away. Beiny famous on Twitter lasts for all of 5 minutes then something else comes along and and will take over. Cause this and possibly causing another human being to suffer because of what you write is not right. Have some respect when you write anr if you truly love your idols know when you bash others in their name yoy are also hurting them. #EXOFighting #SNSDFighting #TaeyeonFighting

Been a Long Time

Hi guys! So I know I have not been on top of my blog as I should be. This winter weather has made me slower and sicker. I also have a busy job in retail, well not so much busy as tiring. I used to have so much faith in people before I started to work in retail. I will try to keep this updated more often. I also plan to start throwing out more story bits on the main page. My brain is swimming with ideas and I need some honest reviews on the ideas floating in my head. I hope that everyone’s winter went well and that they are looking forward to warmer brighter weathet of spring!

Wishing YongHwa “One Fine Day”

This sad song seems to fit YongHwa’s voice perfectly. It is a sad song though. He is missing a sweet love. Even after both of them find someone else it seems they still miss each other. His mellow voice makes me want to cry even though I don’t understand the lyrics all the time, I can understand the feelings he is expressing through the song.

“Hallelujah” for JongHyun’s Dance Practice Video

I am so happy to see one of his solo dance practices. He is still an amazing dancer. The movement is clean and precise, like we have come to expect thanks to SHINee. He is the one that always seemed to notice when other members were off, so it is great to see his dancing skills highlighted on his own. Though the girls dancing were a bit odd…