90’s Kpop Love It or Hate It?

So for #KorusFestival we have a #90sKpop Fundraiser tonight at a local restaurant called Ara tonight. I have been preparing for it by listening to some 90’s kpop and most of it is the dance songs. I have to say it is not as bad as I was kind of expecting it to be. I was expecting it to be like the 90’s music here in the US, but its not as bad. The dancing is clearly better. The outfits are still ridiculous and the hair is still in sane. I do recognize some of the names since I watch multiple shows with several of the older stars on it, like Kim Jong Kook from Turbo on #RunningMan and there are several on #ImmortalSongs2 . I see tonight being a fun night if a good amount of people turn up, but I fear that I might be one of the odd ones out in terms of age. There may be pictures later. We shall see.

Stop Looking Down, Time to Look Around

So I heard a recent quote on a Japanese drama recently how we miss many possible encounters with significant others by always looking down instead of looking up. This got me thinking. We do look down quite a lot. I observed people the next day on break at the mall I work at, and they all walked while looking down for some reason or another. The girls were lookings down judging themselves on what they thought was wrong with them or checking on their clothes if it would catch the eyes of a guy in the food court. While, the guys were looking down into theirs phones or checking out their new shoes. We spend so much time judging ourselves or on our phone to look up to see around us the amazing things and people around us. I have started to stop worrying so much by looking down so much and start to looking up, becausr who knows all the things I have missed already. I could have kissed a few pretty amazing things.

Fave Restaurant: RedHolic – Annandale


I have fallen in love with a restaurant called Red Holic in Annandale, VA. It is soooooo goid and has some of the best Korean street food in a restaurant that I have had in the area. The above is their sampler that has all of their dishes. I will let you guess the names if them. The one below is another sampler that we had. It was all gone within like 20mins between like 5 of us.




Ok so I don’t normally post food on here, but I did want to share this amazing dish I have had recently! I love Korean food and I have been wanting to learn how to make some of my favorite dishes. I know I can look up the recipes and videos online, but its not the same as having someone teach you how to teach it peraonally.

“Bounce” Along with BOYFRIEND

So I am loving that BOYFRIEND is sticking to their fairy-tail themed videos. This one is a twisted Alice in Wonderland. Why does one look like a vampire at one time? The twins have cut their hair, and the abs. But now that I am past all of that I will talk about the video. I loved the video background and song. It has a catchy beat and made me bounce along to it. The dancing was powerful for this group. I still see them as young boys sometimes but there are definitely times when I am reminded that they have grown up.

FIESTAR says “You’re Pitiful”

The last time I saw this group was when they were geeky and not this sexy. I understand the sexy concept is a way to get more popular, but I dont understand why everyone has to be super sexy. I liked the dancing with the partners and the lyrics, because of what is going on in my life the lyrics fit right along. I really dont have much to say, but I give them props for the dancing on chairs.

“New World” Belongs to MADTOWN

So I have been falling in love with this group more and more since “YOLO.” I have Seen Jota on Dream Team 2 twice now and he was amazing when he set the record with the high jump event. This song is so good. Their dance is very powerful sometimes and then it falls into some goofy moves that make you remember that they are still young. The message of the song actually is really good. They are showing such potential for a rookie group.

4Minute are “Crazy” Good

So 4Minute have come back together and out with a new song and they are crazy good together!! I have to say I was a little hesitant to watch the video in public because of some of their older songs but this one was sexy but not overly sexy.They are powerfully sexy in this video. Each dance move is so powerful. I am looking up the lyrics to know why and what is crazy cause my Korean is still not that good, but once I figure it out I think I will like the song even more. Nothing but praises from me.

Not Your Typical Preachers Daughter

Love and Theft – Angel Eyes: http://youtu.be/GKOR8TddfcM

I absolutely love this song. I know it is not KPop, but I just heard it again and had to share it. It fits me perfectly and I could listen to it anytime. Love and Theft are awesome. I am not sure what they are up to currently but I am defintely going to check it out.